It’s been a busy and successful year at the Club. This report seeks to capture the highlights. Apologies in advance for any errors or omissions

Over the last 12 months I am very pleased to report that our membership has remained higher than average recent levels. We currently have 162 members. Many thanks to Membership Secretary Roald Piper.

The Club’s finances are in good shape. Many thanks to Neil Harris for his work as Club Treasurer.

Kent League Teams
We ran four teams in the North Kent leagues over the 2015 Summer and the 2015/16 winter season. Congratulations to the 2nd team for coming top of their division in the summer and second top for the winter season.

Tournaments and box leagues
We held the annual handicap and main tournaments with good participation. The popular box leagues ran throughout the year. Many thanks to Neil Harris for organising the Handicap tournament and Shane Duffield for running the box leagues.

Junior squash
Junior Squash has proved so popular that this year that, wanting to avoid turning down new entrants, we opened a second centre at the Horn Park courts. This filled rapidly and we now have a steady 32 players across two clubs. Our very own Junior Squash Syllabus (the only one in the country as far as we are aware) is working well, taking players through all the various shots, encouraging players to steadily build their abilities. We entered a boys team into the London Youth Games again this year. The Junior Squash League we started earlier in the year, with all games being played on a Saturday morning every 6 weeks or so, has proved to be very popular. Many thanks to junior coaches John Mead and Danny Dowling.

Ladies squash
We ran a Ladies team in the Kent Leagues over the 2015/16 Winter season for the first time in many years and have established a regular Ladies Morning squash event. Many thanks to Clare Cheeseman for leading our Ladies Squash.

Court booking system
Following a vote by the membership we introduced an on-line court booking system from April 2016 for weekday evenings. It also has a member directory and we ran the main club tournaments on the system and the box leagues have recently been added. Overall experience and feedback has been positive.

Club refurbishment/improvements
We have continued to maintain the courts this year with the floors being sanded and the court walls being repainted. We have also recently added extra lighting to the exterior of the club. We continue to progress the development plans for the club to expand our courts from 2 to 4. During 2015/16 we have prepared plans and entered into a dialogue with Greenwich Council Planning Department. We expect to submit planning application soon.

Many thanks to Danny Dowling for maintaining the content of the Club’s website and also to the contributors to the Club’s Facebook page.

We have achieved much over the last 12 months and I would like to thank all those who have made this possible. We look forward to an exciting 2016/17. Enjoy your squash.