Squash and Racketball Box League Rules (Updated 30 April 2015)

League Membership

Membership of both Squash and Racketball leagues will be refreshed each league cycle. New members able to join the next cycle by e-mailing Jon Brodie-Levinsohn , indicating your approximate playing standard e.g. include any friendly results against existing league players. There can be no guarantee which box you will join, but attempts will be made to find an appropriate league for you and others.

Contacting Players

Sometimes it can be difficult to arrange games and leaving them to the last minute risks not getting a court if everyone else does the same. Emails work but are easily ignored or forgotten about. Texting usually gets a much higher response and for the truly unresponsive, a phone call in the evening usually does the trick.

Playing rules

In each stated league cycle (currently 5/6 weeks), each player shall be placed in a league of 5/6 players. It is the responsibility of EACH player to arrange matches with all other players within their league. The league can only thrive when as many matches as possible are completed within the stated period.

Match scoring

All league matches are played as the best of 5 games. Squash games are played up to 9 points, with points only scored by the server (“English” rules). Racketball games are played up to 11 points, with a point scored each rally (“PAR”).

Points are awarded as follows: 1 point per player for playing, 1 point for each game won and 1 point for the winner, so

*The winner gets 5 points (1 point for turning up, 3 points for games won and 1 point for winning).

*The loser: gets 1 point (for playing) PLUS 1 point for each game won.

*Unfinished: 1 point to each player PLUS 1 point for each game won.

*Match Claimed: e.g. no-show, 4 points to the innocent party

*Unable to arrange match : If you have offerred at least three courts at times the other player can make and you have been unable to arrange a match, especially if the other player has not replied, you are entitled to claim a 4-0 against the uncommunicative player. Reasonableness is the guide here.

*Blank boxes: 0 points awarded to both players.

IMPORTANT: Scores must be entered into the online league before 7pm on the closing date.

Promotion and Relegation

At the end of each stated cycle, the following will generally take place:-

*The two players in each division with the highest points totals will be promoted;

*The two players in each division with the lowest points totals will be relegated;

Note: There may need to be some readjustment of box numbers to accommodate new members and to account for any leavers. At all times, movements among box leagues will be based on current results.

Finally, any player that has not completed any league matches for that cycle will be removed when the next cycle begins unless they notify the League Secretary in advance.

Automatic Exclusion of Non Players

Leagues only work when players play their matches and we want this to be a successful, thriving League. Any player who fails to play any games at all, unless they have notified the League Secretary with a watertight excuse will be excluded from the next League. Re-entry will only be allowed if the player agrees to make a serious effort to play all their games in subsequent leagues.

Thank you for your support!