Well done to everyone who competed in the 2017 Club Tournaments and the finalists and winners.

The results were as follows:
2017 Doubles Tournament – Gareth Owen and Tom Bilyard v Neil Harris and Keith Bonsels – Winners Gareth and Tom
2017 Ladies Tournament – Elizabeth Mann v Kristin Schmidt – Winner Elizabeth
2017 Over 60’s Tournament – Neil Harris x Keith Bonsels – Winner Neil
2017 Plate Tournament – Gabor Bary v Ashley Garrett – Winner Ashley
2017 Rackeball Tournament – Gareth Owen v Keith Bonsels – Winner Gareth
2017 Singles Tournament – Calum Wildey v Tom Bilyard – Winner Calum

2017 Over 45’s Tournament – Roald Piper v Ville Leppanen – To be decided
2017 Over 55’s Tournament – Sean Woodford v David Maguire – To be decided