Well done to both Dan and Roald for a strongly competed handicap final last night, and congrats to Roald for getting his name on the winning trophy after a runner-up spot in 2014

2015 Handicap Tournament Final will be played this Friday 4th December 2015 at 6.45pm. Congratulations to Roald Piper and Dan Slater for getting through to the final. They would both welcome support from the balcony so please try to come up to watch, have a chat with other members and enjoy a Friday evening drink. One court will be reserved for the final, the other court is available for play. Good luck to both Roald and Dan – enjoy the squash!

It is the draw for the semi-finals of the 2015 Handicap Tournament. Please note that the final will now be played on Friday 4th December 2015:

Handicap Draw 2015 - Semi-Finlals

Good luck to all four players!

Handicap Tournament Draw as at Saturday 21 November 2015:

Second round draw
Second round draw

Club Handicap Tournament 2015 Rules

All matches except the Final will be best of 3. The final will be best of 5.

The scoring in games will be PAR or American Scoring i.e.You get a point whether you’re serving or not.

Individual handicaps to be netted off for each game in the ties e.g.:-

• Player A has –5 & Player B has –12, so A starts at love and B at –7
• Player D has +5 & Player E has +12, so D starts at love and B at +7
• Player E has –5 & Player F has +4, games start with this score!

Please observe the match cut-off dates for each round – ties not played by this date will strictly be decided by a toss of a coin.

If you have a problem, please call and let Neil know – 07921 930754

The Final will be on Friday 27th November.

Please e-mail result to me at Club@Blackheath.fsnet.co.uk. Or text the result to my mobile

The Draw sheet will be on the club website and kept updated, so I need the results of each tie.

The draw and handicaps have been made for the 2015 Handicap Tournament and the details are shown below. All first and second round matches to be played by 13th November 2015 with results emailed to Neil Harris. Third round matches to be completed by 20th November 2015, semi-finals by the 25th November 2015 and the final on Friday 27th November 2015:

Good luck to all!

Revised 2015 Handicap Tournament Draw and handicaps
Revised 2015 Handicap Tournament Draw and handicaps

Handicap Draw Third Round