Handicap Tournament 2017 – Details for entrants

Blackheath Squash Club – Handicap Tournament 2017

Blackheath Squash Club – Handicap Trophy

This year there have been 47 entries to the Handicap Tournament across all standards and leagues, which has led to some very interesting handicap decisions – so apologies in advance if you are not happy with the handicap or tournament rules – but please remember that this is meant to be a fun tournament.

The tournament draw and timings are now shown on the booking system at:

Please contact your opponent and arrange to play the match as soon as is practical and before the deadline for playing matches. Players can be contacted by using the Members Directory on the Club Booking System.

Any matches that are not played by the closing date will be decided by the toss of a coin.

The Draw
As entries were received they were given the next sequential number from 1 to 47. The numbers were entered into the hat and were drawn on the Saturday morning Junior Squash session by Merle and Khushi (thanks both), so they only knew the numbers and not the names associated with them.

The first 17 numbers drawn were given a “bye” regardless of their standard of play or league position. The remaining numbers formed the basis of the first round draw and were slotted in as they were drawn, again regardless of any standard of play.

If you can update me with the results as soon as possible after the match I will update the booking website and, if both players are shown in the next round you can play the next match as soon as possible.

If you lose your first match you will be entered into the plate tournament (subject to timing).
Please note that if you were given a “bye” for the first round and lose in the second round you will be entered into the plate tournament – unless you advise that you don’t wish to participate, so all entrants will play at least 2 matches.

The Rules
The tournament rules are different this year. The matches will be the best of 3 games, Point-a-Rally (also called PAR or American scoring) so every point counts, and it’s the first person to reach 15 who wins the game, and the first person to win two games who wins the match and progresses to the next round. All players will have to win at least ten points to win the game.

The Handicap
This was the most difficult part as we have 74 players entered across twelve plus leagues and all standards, including some players that have not participated in the leagues at all and just enjoy social squash. The “spread” was decided at approximately 35- 40 points, based as much as possible on the starting league position during 2017 to date and averaged out.

The lowest handicap is +5 which means that the player with this handicap still needs to win 10 points to win the game. The “top seed” will start on -30 and the top seed was decided on the starting league position over 2017, with a % calculation based on the average league position. Where there is no league history I have had to take a calculated guess where possible but some players I have no knowledge of at all.

Where both players have a negative handicap the handicaps should be netted off, e.g.
Player A is -20 and player B -15 the player A starts on -5 and player B on zero, and the first to 15 points wins the game. First to win 2 games wins the match

Where one player has a negative handicap and the other a positive handicap then the handicaps stay as they are, e.g.
Player A is -5 and Player B +1 then the starting position for the games is Player A -5: Player B +1, first to 15 points wins the game. First to win 2 games wins the match

If players can advise the result of matches as soon as possible I will endeavour to keep the booking website up to date and they can get on and arrange the next match. This will also help facilitate the plate tournament. It would also be helpful if you could supply the game scores as well – just so that I can see how bad my handicapping decisions were :>)

Please email your results to tournament@blackheathsquashclub.com

Any questions please email the above email address.
Good Luck