Court booking system – Goes live today!

Remember booked courts take priority so if you want to play after 6pm on a weekday its best to book a court to make sure you can play. Some key practical aspects to remember:

– remember to check-in before or after you play at the booking screen in the bar to avoid a no-show fee
– give yourself plenty of time to get changed and be ready to start play at the time of your booking, if you are late starting your session you will have to leave the court at the time of the next booking
– we have installed an accurate radio controlled clock next to the light meters, all booking times go by this clock not your watch or phone
– when you are waiting to go on court knock on the court door at the time of your booking to alert the players their time has finished
– if you have a few minutes light left at the time your booking ends you will have to leave the court to make way for the next booking
– if you play before 6pm make sure you are finished at 6pm because court bookings take priority after this time and if you have not finished your game you will have to leave the court if knocked off by players who have a court booking.

There will probably be plenty of other practical aspects as we get familiar with the system. If you have any comments or questions please contact Kevin via the contact page on the website.

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