Blackheath Junior Squash takes Child Protection seriously – your children’s safety is our first concern.

The Coaches will endeavour to…

•treat all youngsters fairly and equally
•provide a safe environment in which to learn
•keep it light-hearted & fun, without pressure to win, win, win
•provide appropriate safety equipment & mandate its use
•match tasks to players’ playing ability
•help children to learn to win with grace and cope with losing, turning it to their advantage
•not tolerate any bullying or similar abuse among players

Players should…

•turn up on time to minimise disruption to sessions
•get a good night’s sleep the night before
•be courteous to other players and the coach
•practise outside of the Club as often as possible
•keep themselves in shape
•not display behaviour that is:

Should you have any complaints about Junior Squash sessions, please do contact the Club’s Welfare Officer who will investigate the complaint and take whatever action is necessary:

Click here to email Ville Leppanen – Club Welfare Officer

NB : Malicious or false accusations will be taken very seriously and all such instances will be reported to the Police.