Monthly Archives: September 2014

Curry night

It’s the end of season, and the teams traditionally get together for a curry. With a larger than usual turnout, the old faithful “Everest” does a sterling job of hosting us. Cobbling many tables together, we took over a large portion of the basement. Beers were flowing, and so too was the banter. Lots of

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Vets Final

The Vets Final, having been postponed due to niggles, outright injuries and forgetfulness – all byproducts of old age – was finally played today with Ville Leppanen beating Sean Woodford, thus retaining his title.

A new leaf

Blackheath Squash Club is upgrading, everything. From courts renovations, interior refurbishment, heating, lighting and the works. We keep getting better, so we thought it was about time to upgrade our website too. We’ll be adding news, events, posts and photo’s and keeping you, our members updated as we go. So, as this new leaf turns,

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